Towards a Philosophy of Photography

Black Box of Time,

Archival Inkjet Print, 14x21”,



The present as a black box. We know the inputs (the past), we eventually know the outputs (the future), but knowing the present is impossible- as soon as we think about it, it is no longer the present. We know when we are in it (always), and we can think outside it, but we can never actually examine it from the outside. The paper box has different theories of temporal consciousness written on it (and represents the past), the large hunk of gemmy rose quartz represents our mind (and the present), and the selenite cube looks very cool (and represents the future).


“Images are significant surfaces. Images signify – mainly – something ‘out there’ in space and time that they have to make comprehensible to us as abstractions (as reductions of the four dimensions of space and time to the two surface dimensions)…While wandering over the surface of the image, one’s gaze takes in one element after another and produces temporal relationships between them. It can return to an element of the image it has already seen, and ‘before’ can become ‘after’: The time reconstructed by scanning is an eternal recurrence of the same process.” p.8-9